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Symbolism & Representation

Cleo -Cleopatra

Cleopatra the Alchemist is thought to be one of the few ancient people to hold the secret of the philosopher’s stone. A mythical process for transforming base metals into gold, and an idea linked with eternal life.

The four elements are not only found in the external, material world, but are also believed to be a part of the human body. A person’s unique abilities, moods, emotions, and personalities are said to be governed and regulated by the four elements present within them

Fire -Symbol of love, desire, anger, power, assertiveness, and energy.

Water -Symbol of rebirth, healing, fertility, change, dreaming, clarity, intuition.

Air -Symbol of knowledge, perception, communication, creativity, and strategy.

Earth -Symbol of stability, nourishment, security, fertility, health, and home.

I create these beautiful Birch Wood Earrings from start to finish. I start the process by drawing each individual piece on my iPad to form a SVG file. After I’ve created the file I cut each piece out of Birch Wood using my at home laser cutter. Once the pieces are cut, I hand paint and stain them. This collection took me 2 full months to complete. The Anastasia Collection symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings.

Attached with either Sterling Silver Hooks or 18K Plated over hypoallergenic metal.

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