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Symbolism & Representation

Aurora -Dawn

Arch -Passing through an arch is the symbolic act of rebirth, of leaving the old behind and entering the new. Arches are structures of deep resonance. They embody and symbolize strength and support. In mythology, it represents the door between time and space through which one passes to enter another world.

Star -Star is a symbol of life and represents motivation, protection, wishes, and spirituality in life. Some cultures also believe the star is the entirety of the universe of life from birth to death.

I create these beautiful Birch Wood Earrings from start to finish. I start the process by drawing each individual piece on my iPad to form a SVG file. After I’ve created the file I cut each piece out of Birch Wood using my at home laser cutter. Once the pieces are cut, I hand paint and stain them. This collection took me 2 full months to complete. The Anastasia Collection symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings.

Attached with either Sterling Silver Hooks or 18K Plated over hypoallergenic metal.

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