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Magic Is Everywhere Crystal Altar

Magic Is Everywhere Crystal Altar

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This Altar is meant to be a spiritual canvas.  It can be set up and used in a number of different ways. I will list a couple ideas below. I handcrafted this piece using Stoneware Clay. It took 4 separate firings in my kiln at different temperatures to accomplish this final look. Including hand painting it with real 22K Gold before the last firing. It features an iridescent glaze that reflects an array of rainbows that gleam across the Altar. This Altar includes the candle carousel attachment and a set of 4 charms. Your set of charms includes authentic Moonstone and Labradorite crystals. (The candle, bell, and crystal towers are my personal items.)  I will send a bundle of Blue Sage as a free gift. 

Here’s some ideas to take full advantage of this manifestation station!

Bath Time -Since it fits perfectly on the edge of most bathtubs it can be used for your bathing ritual. (It also fits nicely on a mantle or window seal.)

Burn Plate -Use it to burn Bay Leaves for a Releasing/Receiving manifestation practice. 

Smoke Cleansing (Saging) -The Golden Moon is meant to hold your Sage or Palo Santo for a Smoke Cleansing  ceremony. 


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