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Trust Your Magic #1 14oz

Trust Your Magic #1 14oz

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Trust Your Magic Mug 

This piece was handmade by me from start to finish. It went through 4 separate firings in my kiln to obtain this finally look. I hand painted it with real 22K Gold for an extra special touch. During the finally firing I added a unique glaze that creates an iridescent glow that flashes with rainbow colors when you move it through the light! I hope you will love this piece forever. I took many weeks to complete and was a labor of love.


*Please note that my handmade creations aren’t perfect. You will see imperfections on the pieces I make. I personally think that makes them a little more magical. I do take tremendous care and effort in making each and every unique piece. I hope you are throughly satisfied with your purchase.


* This piece is fully functional, but They are hand wash only an should not go in the dishwasher.  It can not go in the microwave either as it has been painted with real gold. Please hand wash  with care.

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